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Traditional and Vegan Desserts
Made with Sweet Love

About Us



Welcome to Dulce Sweet Bar and Bakery, where indulgence meets well-being! Our lead baker, Ashley, embarked on a personal journey to conquer her sweet tooth while embracing a healthier lifestyle. Frustrated with the lack of tasty yet health-conscious options, she created Dulce ("sweet" in Spanish), where flavor and fitness coexist harmoniously.

From its humble beginnings in Ashley's home kitchen to shipping delectable treats nationwide, Dulce has grown into a beacon of guilt-free indulgence. 


More than just a bakery, Dulce Sweet Bar and Bakery is a symbol of resilience and community impact. Our diverse range of baked goods supports weight loss and healthier living goals, ensuring every bite is a step towards your well-being. Join us on this flavorful journey, where passion, quality, and dreams converge into every delightful creation.

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